Frequently Asked Questions

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New Members

What is the QMTA?l'APMQ ?

The Quebec Music Teachers' Association is a non-profit organization managed by a volunteer council comprising approximately 140 registered music teachers across Quebec. QMTA-registered teachers automatically become members of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations (CFMTA).

Does the majority of QMTA members teach in the Agglomeration of Montreal?de Montréal ?

Yes, 72% of our membership resides on the Island of Montreal. However, we are highly interested in including members of other regions in the future.

What are the benefits of membership?à l'APMQ ?

Discover the benefits of membership to QMTA.

What are the membership criteria?d'adhésion ?

Criteria depend on the status. An active member is a qualified teaching professional. A provisional member is a teacher working toward a diploma and sufficient pedagogical experience to fill the active membership requirements. Friend members are not music teachers but have a deep interest in music and a sincere desire to further the aims and ideals of the Association. Members must be 18 years and over and reside in the Quebec province.

For more information on membership status, check out the become a member section.

Is there a reduced rate for late membership?tardives ?

We don't offer reduced rates.

Comment procède-t-on pour adhérer ?

Please fill out an online application form and send it along with copies of diplomas/transcripts, a short CV, and the prescribed annual dues to: Mrs. Danielle Langevin, QMTA registrar, 336, St. Francis Blvd, Suite 2, Chateauguay, Quebec J6J 1Z3.

Payment methods include:
1. Mail-in cheque to Quebec Music Teachers' Association
2. E-Transfer to
3. PayPal (no PayPal account required) Go to
4. Credit Card

Membership will become valid upon the QMTA council's approval.

When will I receive my membership card?de membre ?

Upon receiving your documents, the QMTA will contact you by email and inform you of further details.

Are all your activities reserved to members?de l'APMQ ?

Enrolling music students as participants in QMTA activities, including the Montreal Classical Music Festival, is strictly reserved for active and provisional members. However, the public is generally invited to attend. Admission fees may apply.

Current Members

What does a "Find a teacher" profile consist of?un professeur" ?

The "Find a teacher" online directory is a database that allows parents and students to find a teacher by entering search criteria or keywords. A teacher's profile includes their name, phone number, email, website, region or borough, postal code, and information about their teaching (instruments, subjects, syllabi, etc.).

A picture and a short biography may be incorporated. Their full address and date of birth remain confidential.

To be listed, active and provisional members must check the authorization box on their application or renewal form. If you are not listed but would like to be, please contact the website manager at

How can my profile be edited or deleted?un professeur" ?

Changes or additions can be made by the website manager. Please contact

Is it possible to get a referral from the Association?professeur ?

When prospective music students contact the QMTA for referrals, we direct them to the website under "Find a Teacher." If a person doesn't have access to the internet, or if the request is too precise, we try to be as fair as possible and provide him with all the names that meet their criteria.

Are all QMTA communications sent be email?par courriel ?

Membership cards, paper directories, and certificates of insurance are sent by regular mail. MusiWeb is sent by email. Members with no internet access may request paper copies for a fee of $18 per year.

Who may be appointed to the QMTA Board of directors?d'administration ?

A volunteer council directs the QMTA. All active and provisional members can be part of the Executive Committee, and friend members can become directors. The Committee is elected each year during the annual general meeting.

Why do membership dues include liability insurance?responsabilité ?

As we are remunerated to teach our students, we are practicing a commercial activity that exposes us to risks that can generate civil liability lawsuits. Even if we teach in a school, we need protection when outdoor activities like concerts, exams, and festivals occur. We also need protection during various QMTA events and against combined lawsuits involving the QMTA members as an association. If this insurance were to be taken individually by each teacher, the premiums would be unduly high. Still, the QMTA is in a position to provide it to each of its members under a group insurance policy. It is offered at a very reasonable rate because we share it with members of all the other provincial associations affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations (CFMTA) across Canada. For this insurance to be in force, all the members must participate. This insurance is mandatory for all QMTA active & provisional members as it is mandatory for all the members of the other provincial associations.

Parents & Students

Which instruments are taught by your teachers?vos professeurs ?

Among our 150 members, you will find teachers of 34 different instruments and 19 theoretical subjects. They teach in 29 languages to students of pre-school age to seniors, from preparatory to university level.

Which factors should be considered when looking for the right music teacher?d'un professeur ?

You will choose based on experience, music diplomas, location, methods, and programs offered. But also, you will try to find a personality that inspires you. Those factors are the most important, regardless of your goal, whether you take lessons with a view to personal development or long-term preparation for official examinations.

Why choose a QMTA teacher?de l'APMQ ?

QMTA members are qualified and experienced professionals. They offer quality instruction in both the practical and theoretical aspects of music training. The Association provides support, ongoing training, and teacher development. A code of ethics governs the profession. Students have performance opportunities: recitals, competitions, masterclasses, and other exclusive QMTA activities and events.

Advanced students wishing to pursue a music teaching career may become provisional members and have access to a support network, training, and mentoring, allowing them to acquire experience while they complete their music diploma.

Business Owners

Does QMTA offer advertising opportunities?aux organismes ?

Yes, of course. QMTA business partners can take advantage of the exposure that targets the music community precisely. is very well positioned. Our audience is mainly composed of music teachers, parents, and students.

Businesses or organizations may have web banners on the "Find A Teacher" page. Our website receives more than 2,500 searches per year.

Businesses or organizations may become sponsors of the Montreal Classical Music Festival, an annual competition that brings together about five hundred musicians, teachers, parents, students, and music lovers. An advertisement may be placed in the official MCMF program and available during the two-day event. It is also possible for businesses to offer bursaries or sponsor trophies.

Advertisement Contact: Danielle Langevin,, 514 777-8035.

Does the QMTA issue receipts for charitable donations?charité ?

The QMTA is not a registered charity and, therefore, is not authorized to issue receipts for donations. Our customers receive invoices for the purchase of tax-deductible advertising services. The QMTA does not charge sales taxes.

Organizations and businesses wishing to make donations may address the Quebec Foundation for Musical Education.

Is it possible to get a business, a service or a product endorsed by the QMTA?un produit ?

QMTA views and opinions may differ from those of the advertisers. Therefore, our partners' products and services cannot officially be endorsed by the QMTA.

Is it possible to obtain a directory of QMTA members for advertising purposes?fins publicitaires ?

The directory is for the exclusive use of members.

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