Frequently Asked Questions
about Montreal Classical Music Festival (MCMF)

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Q. Is MCMF participation reserved to QMTA members' students?

A. The privilege is indeed reserved to active and provisional members' students. Teachers may apply for membership by sending an application form along with their students' entry forms, with the required documents, and membership dues ($120). Important: QMTA membership fees have to be paid separately, to Quebec Music Teachers' Association.

 Deadline for Application

Q. What is the deadline for sending MCMF entry forms?

A. Postmark must indicate March 15 at the latest. 

Q. Are late entries accepted?

A. Late applicants must request approval from the Registrar's office This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Deferred entries may be subject to additional fees.

 Entry Form

Q. How can I make sure my applications are not returned or delayed in their processing?

A. By following these simple guidelines, making sure your application is 100% complete and accurate:

a. Fill one form per candidate, per class, including ensembles. 
b. Provide a valid email for each candidate. If a candidate does not have an email address, they may put in the teacher's.
c. Repertoire : Indicate name of composer, title, and if applicable, the opus or catalogue number, and movement played. Eg. Beethoven, Piano Sonata, op. 2, no. 1, 1st movement: Allegro.
d. Provide total timing of performance, including pauses between pieces. If the candidate cannot play the piece at time of application, we suggest to put an approximate timing found on a CD or an online video. Do not exceed maximum timing.
e. Calculate the fees accurately, and make the cheque payable to: Montreal Classical Music Festival, and dated March 15, at the latest. Overpayments will not be recoverable.
f. Do not staple the cheques. You may fold the entry forms, but please do not cut them or alter them in any way.

Q. I sent my entry forms, and I would like confirmation of receipt.

A. MCMF Secretary's office will send an acknowledgement of receipt to each individual applicant by email. Because we receive an impressive amount of mail, we ask that you allow three weeks before contacting us. Around April 15, teachers will receive by mail the official schedule, with a convocation booklet for each of their students. 

Q. Is it possible to make changes to a candidate's application, once sent?

A. Requests for changes must reach the MCMF Secretary's office before April 1st. A $15 fee applies for each change of repertoire, age group or class. Jury may be verbally notified of removals or changes in the order of the pieces, at the time of performance (no charge).

Q. What if my timing exceeds the limit for my age group?

A. In that case, you will need to pick a higher age group that allows you to play your program.


 Q. Why aren't cheques made out to Quebec Music Teachers Association acceptable for Montreal Classical Music Festival entry fees?

 A. Quebec Music Teachers' Association's and Montreal Classical Music Festival's bank accounts are not linked.

 Gala Concert

 Q. Do all prize winners play at the gala?

A. All winners must come to the gala to receive their prizes, but they do not perform. Candidates who receive the highest marks of their category (trophy recipient) are invited to play at the gala by the adjudicator, generally on the day of their performance.

Q. What if I cannot attend the gala?

A. You may designate a person to pick up your prizes. After the gala, prizes will be deposited at the Co-op Vincent-d'Indy, 628, chemin Côte-Ste-Catherine, Outremont (students' entrance), tel. 514 342-5106) until June 23, where they can be claimed. Prizes will not be sent by mail. Lost cheques will not be made again. After that date, unclaimed amounts will revert to the MCMF bursary fund.

Q. In case of cancellation, can I get a refund?

A. Entry fees are non-refundable, and not transferable. 

Q. How much is admission to the MCMF sessions and gala ?

A. Admission to Saturday, Sunday and Monday sessions is free for all. General admission to MCMF Gala is $6, and free for participants upon presentation of their convocation booklet, as well as for the Festival sponsors, members of the jury and volunteers.

Q. Is there a specific dress code for the MCMF competitors?

A.  We encourage a respectful and conservative recital dress code. Gala performers are expected to wear appropriate attire for the event.