MCMF Performance Sessions

1. Performance sessions take place at Elgar Community Center, 260 Elgar, Nun's Island, H3E 1C9. Admission is free. gratuite pour tous.

2. Competitors should arrive 15 minutes before the beginning of the session in which they are performing.

3. There are no practice rooms available. Playing on the pianos before, between, or after the sessions is not permitted.

4. All music must be played from memory, except piano ensembles, compositions (music writing category), and accompaniments.

5. Competitors must provide their accompanists for the performance sessions and the gala concert as required, at their own expense.

6. At the time of performance, competitors must supply the jury with original copies of all music played, in compliance with copyright laws.

Legally downloaded scores are accepted with proof of purchase, but photocopies of printed music are not.

7. In each class and age group, prizes are awarded to competitors scoring the three highest marks. Minimum scores are:

1st prize, 90 %;
2nd prize, 88 %;
3rd prize, 85 %.

No prize will be awarded if the minimum score is not achieved.

8. Disqualified competitors may be permitted to play their program and to receive comments, but no mark or prize will be allocated.

9. Performances will be assessed according to musical selection, technical merit and artistic interpretation A single score will be given, based on the global performance of the competitor or piano ensemble.

10. All decisions by the jury are final.