Frequently Asked Questions
by Students and Parents
Q. Which instruments are taught by your teachers?

R. Among our 150 members, you will find teachers of about 25 different instruments, and 30 theoretical subjects. They teach in 25 languages, to students of pre-school age all the way to seniors, from preparatory to university level. Find the teacher that meets your criteria by entering a few keywords into our search engine. Go to "Find A Teacher" page.

Q. Which factors should be considered when looking for the right music teacher?

R. You will make your choice based on experience, music diplomas, location, methods and programs offered. But also, you will try to find a personnality that inspires you. Those factors are the most important, regardless of your goal, whether you take lessons with a view of personal development or long-term preparation for official examinations.

Q. Why choose a QMTA teacher?

R. QMTA members are qualified and experimented professionals. They offer quality instruction in both the practical and the theoretical aspects of music training. The Association offers support, ongoing training and teacher development.  The profession is governed by a code of ethics. Students have performance opportunities: recitals, competitions, masterclasses, and other exclusive QMTA activities and events.

Advanced students wishing to pursue a music teaching career may become provisional members and have access to a support network, training and mentoring, which will allow them to acquire experience while they complete their music diploma.